Orcas deceased in captivity ” The deadly history of captive killer whales. “

See on Scoop.itOdin Prometheus: Earth’s History

Also not included are mortalities during capture operations which were, at least in the years until 1970, another 10 orcas in WA, USA and 1 orca in BC, Canada. Another orca died during the 1992 capture in Argentina. On September 26, 2003, a juvenile female orca died during a capture in Russia. In August 2012 at least one more orca died during a Russian capture. 
All these included would bring the total death count up to 203 orcas.

Note: According to data recently released by the Japanese Fisheries Agency, in total 63 orcas have been taken in Japanese waters since 1972. Two of these orcas are still alive, 18 are listed as dead in the above count. That means that in addition to the ones listed above another 43 orcas have been taken, possibly killed during captures or more probably killed for meat or pet food.

See on www.orcahome.de


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