Zooniverse – Whale FM

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Hear Whales communicate.// information Welcome to the Whale Song Project

You can help marine researchers understand what whales are saying. Listen to the large sound and find the small one that matches it best. Click ‘Help’ below for an interactive guide.

Did you know that Killer Whales (Orcas, which are actually the largest dolphin species) can talk to each other in quite sophisticated ways? Each family of Killer Whales has its own dialect and closely-related families share calls. We’d like you to help us to categorize sounds in order to understand what whales are saying.

While the primary motivation for putting a project in the Zooniverse is to collect data on a well-defined research question, the very fact that hundreds of thousands of people world-wide view the projects generates an amazing potential for education. The projects within the Zooniverse provide an excellent resource for inquiry-based learning within the classroom or for home-school groups.

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