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Liquidmocean, the joining of liquid and the physical endeavor of movement, is the name attributed to the works of underwater cameraman Mark Thorpe.


Mission: To promote positive Ocean stewardship from tourism related service providers and officially appointed tourism agencies within the Pacific region. Company liquidmocean, a play on words connecting the liquid flow of motion associated with Ocean and the travel and sports industries. The unique spelling connects the elements that shape this ideal, the Ocean and movements. liquidmocean at its core is about the promotion of positive Ocean stewardship from travel agencies to individual tourism service providers to engaging our audience with positively reinforced imagery and interactive strategies. 

I am a waterman. All of the imagery in the albums, on the website and in any of my advertising is, unless otherwise stated, taken by me. I’ve spent the last 17 years working as a freelance underwater cameraman and now reside in Bali where I spend my time as close to the Ocean and waterways as I can, snapping imagery and taking care of the office side of things.

I have a fantastic wife to whom I am totally devoted and a local Mutt named ‘Muppet’. I like Kidney Beans, Strawberry Cheesecake and gain sick pleasure from harvesting my own Belly Button Fluff…DescriptionSimplicity is key, enjoyment from the Ocean whether from traveling, adventure experiencing or adrenalin sports we promote those who responsibly promote the connection we have as a species with this watery medium.

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