Jurassic Park 4 Gets a New Title, Jurassic World, and Release Date—Plus, Our Dinosaur Dream Cast

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NEWS/ Jurassic Park 4 Gets a New Title, Jurassic World,and Release Date—Plus, Our Dinosaur Dream Cast

by John BooneWed., Sep. 11, 2013 11:03 AM PDT


Just because you can make another Jurassic Park, should you?!

That was the moral crux at the center of the original film and a question that resonated with fans when yet another, inevitable sequel was announced. Well, the answer to both is: Hell yes!

Always say yes to more dinosaurs. Always.

Universal Pictures announced that Jurassic Park 4 has now been given the much cooler title of Jurassic World and will hit theaters June 12, 2015 (after being delayed from its original 2014 release).

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Steven Spielberg, who helmed the first two films, will serve as producer, while director duties pass to Colin Trevorrow, director of the buzzy sci-fi indie Safety Not Guaranteed. The film will be in 3-D, but otherwise little is know about plot or casting (Jeff Goldblumseems available?) 

Then again, who cares which actors are cast? All that matters is the dinosaurs. Now hold on to your butts, because we have the perfect dino cast for Jurassic World:

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