What are the sources and impacts of marine litter? — European Environment Agency (EEA)

Increasing amounts of litter are ending up in the world’s oceans and harming the health of ecosystems, killing animals and putting human health at risk. The solution lies in waste prevention and better waste management on land.

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Disk Detective: We need your help to discover the birthplace of Planets in never-before seen data!

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We need your help to discover the birthplace of Planets in never-before seen data! WISE is a NASA mission surveying the whole sky in infrared. This project is looking at stars to find dusty debris disks, similar to our asteroid field. These disks suggest that these stars are in the early stages of forming planetary systems. Learning more about these stars can tell us how our Solar System formed.

Computers often confuse debris disks around stars with other astronomical objects. We need your help to sort out what stars actually have these disks from Galaxies and Nebulae.

ou can learn more about the project on the Aboutand Science pages. Or you can get to classifying.

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Orcas deceased in captivity ” The deadly history of captive killer whales. “

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Also not included are mortalities during capture operations which were, at least in the years until 1970, another 10 orcas in WA, USA and 1 orca in BC, Canada. Another orca died during the 1992 capture in Argentina. On September 26, 2003, a juvenile female orca died during a capture in Russia. In August 2012 at least one more orca died during a Russian capture. 
All these included would bring the total death count up to 203 orcas.

Note: According to data recently released by the Japanese Fisheries Agency, in total 63 orcas have been taken in Japanese waters since 1972. Two of these orcas are still alive, 18 are listed as dead in the above count. That means that in addition to the ones listed above another 43 orcas have been taken, possibly killed during captures or more probably killed for meat or pet food.

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Other Captive #Orcas – Historical Chronology | A Whale Of A Business | FRONTLINE | PBS

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U.S. Marine Mammal Protection Act. 


passed by the U.S. Congress.


1994 as amended, jurisdiction of the care and management of captive marine mammals passes from the U.S. National Marine Fisheries Service to the Animal Plant and Health Inspection Service.


Early Killer Whale Capture Attempts on Record:

1961, November Marineland of the Pacific, south of Los Angeles, discovers a single orca feeding alone in nearby Newport Harbor. They corral the female whale, finally hoisting it onto a flatbed. When the whale is introduced into the tank, she smashes head-on into the wall. Frank Brocato, Marineland’s head animal collector at the time, recalls: “We’d suspected the animal was in trouble because of its erratic behavior in the harbor…But the next day, she went crazy. She started swimming at high speed around the tank, striking her body repeatedly. Finally, she convulsed and died.” The autopsy reveals she suffered from acute gastroenteritis and pneumonia.


1962, September

Frank Brocato, Marineland’s head animal collector, and his assistant, Boots Calandrino, bring their 40-foot collecting boat, the Geronimo, to Puget Sound, Washington, to search for another killer whale for the aquarium. After a month of searching, they found a mature male and female orca in Haro Strait, off San Juan Island. “The female, who seemed to be chasing something, headed straight for the boat. At that moment, Brocato saw a harbor porpoise cross the bow and skirt the ship…The porpoise was followed by the female orca, in hot pursuit.” The two animals circled the boat, the little porpoise apparently using the boat as a shield. “‘I reeled there was a good chance to use the lasso,’ said Brocato, remembering the incident. ‘So I put my partner out on the bowsprit and told him to watch for that porpoise… because the orca might be right behind it. And it was. He slipped on the lasso. We had her. But then everything started to go wrong.’ The cow cut sharply and dived under the boat,…its last few turns caught the heavy nylon line and wound it around the propeller shaft, immobilizing the boat. …The female ran the end of her 250-foot-long tether and surfaced at the edge of the mist. Then Brocato heard screaming high-pitched piercing cries coming from the female. …the big male appeared out of the mist a few minutes later, and together, the two animals started swimming at great speed toward the boat. They charged several times, turning away only at the last instant but thumping the boat with a sound thwack of the flukes as they passed. …Brocato grabbed his 375-magnum rifle and started shooting. He put one bullet into the male, who then disappeared. But it took 10 shots to kill the female. … That night, Brocato towed the carcass to nearby Bellingham to have the animal weighed and measured. …Brocato took the teeth as souvenirs, and the animal was rendered for dog food.”

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10 Of The Most Bizarre Books Ever Written – Listverse.

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If literary history teaches us one thing, it’s that people were just as confused and immature in the Middle Ages as they are now. From unsolvable codes to13th-century penis doodles in the margins of bibles, history is like an all-encompassing high school cliche that never comes to an end. These books span the course of written history, and they’re all utterly bizarre.

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10 Ancient Civilizations That History Forgot – Listverse

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Much like Isaac Newton imagined when he gave his famous “shoulders of giants” quote, our modern civilizations owe a great deal to those which came before us. While examples like the Sumerians or Egyptians are deeply ingrained in nearly everyone’s minds, there are a number of other civilizations which have been largely forgotten. Here are 10 of them.

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Best temples to see at Angkor, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

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Michael Turtle

There is no doubt that the region of Angkor is one of the most important archaeological sites in the world. For more than 500 years it was the centre of the Khmer empire and still today it is the spiritual heart of Cambodia. That the national flag has the main temple Angkor Wat in its design speaks volumes.

The whole area stretches out over 400 square kilometres and has more than a thousand temples (in various states of disrepair). Shortly I’ll let you know what I think the best temples to visit around Siem Reap are. Preservation and restoration have become a priority at Angkor and it was only in 2004 that the site was removed from the ‘in danger’ section of UNESCO’s World Heritage List. But, as with many sites of this notoriety, the threat to its conservation is now coming from booming tourist numbers. There are now more than two million visitors to the Angkor site each year.

(If you’re after something a bit quieter, you should check out Beng Mealea temple.)

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